Inner Mongolia Launches First 5G Unmanned New Energy Mining Vehicle Project in Ordos

The Jungar Economic Development Zone in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia announced on Tuesday that the first 5G unmanned new energy mining vehicle project in the province was officially put into production. This initiative can help promote the local construction of green and smart mining facilities.

According to the official, the 5G unmanned new energy mining vehicle project, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan ($156.9 million), can realize accurate and stable automatic loading, transportation, docking, autonomous obstacle avoidance and other features in mining. 

(Source: Ordos News)

In addition, the vehicles are equipped with environmental perception systems, behavior control, positioning systems and high-precision mapping, which can complete cycle operations according to mine dispatching instructions.

Cui Wenyu, deputy general manager of Inner Mongolia Tiechen Intelligent Equipment and the person in charge of the project, revealed that the company has reached a strategic cooperative relationship with leading enterprises in the field of new energy vehicles in China. The company will launch products including new energy tractors, dump trucks and excavators, providing customers with a complete set of smart and new energy product solutions.

Cui added: “Although the project has just been put into production, it has received a number of orders from nearby customers, mainly from related enterprises in the energy and transportation fields.”

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Analysts said that this 5G unmanned new energy mining vehicle project now put into production is of great significance for solving the problems of employment and safety in local open-pit coal mines, and that future market prospects are very broad.