Intelligent Automation Firm Laiye Acquires French AI Company Mindsay

Beijing-based intelligent automation firm Laiye announced its acquisition of Mindsay, a French conversational AI company. This will further enhance the firm’s capabilities regarding automation products, expand the application of industry solutions and accelerate the transformation of intelligent automation in global organizations in the post-pandemic era.

After this acquisition, Guillaume Laporte, former CEO and co-founder of Mindsay, will become the general manager of Laiye’s international chatbot business, and will report directly to Hu Yichuan, co-founder and CTO of Laiye. Ilias Hicham and Pierre Pakey, co-founders of Mindsay, will serve as Head of Product for Laiye’s international chatbot business and Head of Product Innovation for the Intelligent Document Process product line, respectively..

Arvid Wang, chairman and CEO of Laiye Network, added: “At the beginning of 2022, we promised to continuously invest $50 million in talent recruitment and market expansion in Europe, and this acquisition is a demonstration of our determination. We will work together to create intelligent automation solutions and products that are easier to use and more convenient to deploy.”

As the link who introduced Mindsay to Laiye, Cai Mingpo, founder and chairman of Cathay Capital, said: “We are honored to contribute to the transaction and cooperation between Laiye and Mindsay. As one of the professional investment institutions with the most global industrial resources, Cathay Capital continues to help the globalization strategy of Laiye.”

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Laiye announced its full entry into the global market in early 2021. At present, it has established an overseas team of more than 100 people, distributed in 15 countries across Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Laiye’s core product is an intelligent automation platform, including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Conversational AI. Based on this platform, various types of software robots can be constructed according to customers’ needs, so as to realize the automation of business processes and improve efficiency in a comprehensive way.

With the acquisition of Mindsay, Laiye will also establish a brand-new European R&D center in Paris, France, and accelerate the realization of an integrated intelligent automation platform.

The latest development and technical update of Laiye’s intelligent automation platform will be disclosed in detail at the “LAIYE LEAD” product launch conference on April 26.