Intelligent R&D Platform LigaAI Closes Series A Financing

LigaAI, an intelligent R&D platform in China, recently announced the completion of an A Round of financing. The leading investor was Eminence Ventures and is reported to have been worth several tens of millions of dollars. This marks the third round of financing completed by LigaAI within the last year.

LigaAI was established in 2020, and is committed to improving collaboration efficiency and empowering R&D teams with AI applications. It provides powerful capabilities that integrates different tools from specific working situations of developers, and enables developers to cooperate in a much simpler and efficient way.

Regarding R&D collaboration, traditional R&D management tools only address problems such as information synchronization from the perspective of managers. In this case, it is hard to reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprises. Different from traditional solutions, LigaAI pays more attention to empowering each and every user, bringing them a more concentrated and efficient collaboration experience and thereby better meeting the demands of managers for process efficiency and data management.

LigaAI has many functions, such as intelligent task circulation, collaboration notification and division of labor. Supported by these functions, LigaAI has transformed the processes of progress reminders and oral information synchronization, which used to be performed by full-time project managers within an enterprise, into intelligent collaboration scenes automatically done by robots.

LigaAI has reduced extraneous effort and has freed teams from wasting too much time on daily issues such as reporting or giving directions. Next, the company has enabled R&D teams to access the latest user feedback, task scheduling, demand progress and other information in time. Finally, the company’s process effectively saves problems that were frequently disrupting developers’ workflows, giving them more time to focus on thinking and coding. As a result, LigaAI has built a system that improves the overall efficiency of the production and research team.

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One tech firm CTO used LigaAI for a while and praised LigaAI’s intelligent assistant as very powerful. He said nearly 80% of the tasks of the team can now be handled automatically, without any need for special personnel to keep an eye on the process and progress.