iPhone 14’s Dynamic Island Doesn’t Support Many Popular Chinese Apps

The iPhone 14 smartphone series was officially launched for sales on September 16, sparking an annual buying frenzy in China. While the new “Dynamic Island” screen feature has attracted curiosity from consumers, early feedback suggests the design is not entirely satisfactory.

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On September 14, Chinese gadget blogger “MediaStorm” released a video review of the iPhone 14 Pro. In the video, he said that the animation of Dynamic Island is smooth. Some apps and notices can interact with the new function, and its width will change in a flexible way. However, at present, most mainstream Chinese apps are not supported by this function. For example, the search bar of Bilibili, a YouTube-like video sharing app, is obscured by Dynamic Island, meaning that users can only watch recommended videos, but cannot search for what they want to watch.

Previously, some users activated their own iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB version during livestreaming, which showed that Dynamic Island did not adapt to apps such as WeChat and Tencent Video. The notification message pop-up window of WeChat could only be simply displayed under Dynamic Island, while column texts on the homepage of Tencent Video were simply blocked by the black bar that is Dynamic Island. Furthermore, users felt that its appearance wasn’t appealing and that the interaction wasn’t very smooth.

(Source: Weibo)

Some Chinese bloggers even published pictures showing that there is color difference between the hardware notch on the iPhone 14 Pro and the digital black bar of Dynamic Island. In the animation of some functions, such as unlocking the phone, the notch was neither symmetrical nor centered in the UI, and wasn’t even in line with the UI icons on both sides.

It will take some time for third-party apps to adapt to Dynamic Island. At present, new screen locking widgets have been released by many third-party apps. Due to the difficulty brought about by Dynamic Island during app development, only Apple’s own applications support the new function.