JAC Responds to NIO’s Vehicle Manufacturing Qualification Approval: Will Continue Cooperation

On April 16th, there was a new development regarding NIO‘s approval for manufacturing qualifications. Although NIO insiders have not yet provided an official response, JAC has clearly stated that the cooperation between the two parties will continue to deepen, with a shift in focus from traditional OEM business to other strategic areas such as jointly building battery swapping service networks. Some industry observers interviewed by the media have expressed interest in JAC’s recent new collaborations with Huawei and Volkswagen.

Recently, a car delivery sharing post by a NIO owner on social media has attracted widespread attention. In the photo, the rear emblem of the new NIO model has changed from “JAC” to the prominent “NIO” brand name. This significant change confirms that NIO has successfully obtained independent manufacturing qualifications, completed the conversion of production lines smoothly, and started delivering new cars to consumers under its own brand name.

Looking back to December last year, in the 378th batch of documents released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, NIO‘s eight main vehicle models including ES8, ES7, EC7, ET7, EC6, ES6 and ET5 (ET5T) all made their appearance. It is worth noting that in the application materials submitted by NIO, the rear ends of these models have all been unified with the “NIO” brand logo, officially bidding farewell to its previous association with JAC in terms of production qualifications.

In addition, NIO previously invested over 3.1 billion yuan to acquire some equipment and assets of JAC. William Li, Chairman of NIO, has publicly stated that once NIO achieves independent electric vehicle manufacturing, it is expected to save about 10% in production costs.

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