Jack Ma Foundation Publishes Handbook to Share COVID-19 Frontline Lessons

The Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation are today sharing some key lessons and experiences from doctors and other medical administrators and staff from the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine (FAHZU), who were at the frontline of COVID-19 treatment in China, playing a critical role in slowing its spread.

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In the form of a digital handbook, medical administrators and staff covered what they have learned in different phases while combating COVID-19, such as screening, diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Over a 50-day period, FAHZU admitted 104 patients confirmed to be infected with COVID-19, including 78 critically ill patients. Through the efforts of medical staff and investment in new technologies, FAHZU has so far made it through the public health crisis without a single medical staff infected or patient dead.

The Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation expressed the hope that public health practitioners around the world find this handbook helpful in combating COVID-19.

“Today, with the spread of the global pandemic, these experiences are the most important weapon for global medical personnel,” wrote Jack Ma in the preface of the handbook. “We hope that, with this handbook, doctors and nurses in other affected areas can learn from China’s experience as they face this battle.”