Jack Ma Has Recently Been Teaching at A University in Tokyo

On June 15th local time, J. Michael Evans, the President of Alibaba Group, a giant e-commerce company, stated that Alibaba Group is focused on establishing local businesses and online platforms outside of China and will prioritize development in Europe.

Evans stated at a technical conference in Paris that they will pay more attention to establishing local European businesses, and have already launched a pilot project in Spain which they plan to expand throughout Europe.

Alibaba Group’s existing cross-border platform, such as AliExpress, mainly sells goods from China to Europe. Although products have a price advantage, long shipping times are a disadvantage.

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Evans’ suggestion is that local services in Europe will focus on selling local brands to local consumers. He also stated that Europe is an important task for all branches of Alibaba with international business, including international commerce, cloud services, and especially logistics.

When asked about the recent situation of Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, Evans said, “Jack Ma’s level of concern for this company is the same as when he first founded it. I expect that as long as Alibaba and Jack are still here, this situation will continue.

“Jack Ma is very energetic, he is good and happy. He is currently teaching at a university in Tokyo and has more time to stay in China,” said Evans.