JancsiTech Completes Financing Deal with Sequoia China

Medical device maker JancsiTech announced the completion of its most recent round of financing. This round was led by Sequoia China Seed Fund.

JancsiTech was established in September 2021 and its founding team is mainly comprised of senior technical experts. Founder Zhou Haotian has previously worked in Alibaba‘s DAMO Academy and Ant Group but has also worked as a senior engineer on artificial intelligence in GNS Healthcare where he was responsible for drug research and development and developing a platform to analyze trial data.

Zhou Guanqun, CTO of the company, has been engaged in scientific research work at the University of Science and Technology of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Stanford University and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. In addition, the founding team includes the founder of AICUG, a well-known artificial intelligence community, and experts of medical devices from Philips.

The company provides perception algorithm services for medical equipment with image functionality. This service enables companies to collect data or the signals of the equipment itself and then combine that data with its visual imaging algorithm and image recognition algorithm. The company’s services also include recognizing and tracking targets or targeted events, and implementing image segmentation, image fusion, 3D reconstruction and other functions.

The founders want their company not only to provide accurate positioning and navigation systems for traditional radioactive medical equipment, but also to optimize multi-dimensional treatment such as radiotherapy dose management and patient placement control for patients. The company aims to do this in combination with its self-developed radiation dose monitoring and human body three-dimensional imaging equipment. In addition, the company is evaluating treatment effects in real-time and cross-referencing that information with its own database in order to provide intelligent suggestions for follow-up treatment plans.

Judging from the actual operations of the project, the company has reached a deal with a device manufacturer in Shenzhen to promote the progress of its clinical trials and research and development. In terms of commercialization, the company is also looking to sell equipment in hospitals with other partnered device manufacturers.

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At present, there are about 3,000 radiotherapy accelerators in China and that number increases by about 300 each year. The potential domestic market in the field of radiotherapy are about 10 billion yuan ($1.57 billion). Its competitors include visionRT, C-Rad and Brainlab.