Jay Chou’s New Song Sells 10 Million Copies in 2 Hours and Crashes QQ Music

Chinese super pop star Jay Chou’s new song managed to crash the servers of Chinese streaming platform QQ Music due to the heavy traffic it accumulated, a feat that had never occurred before.

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After 489 days without any new releases, Chou dropped his first new track online at 11pm on September 16, taking the Chinese internet by storm. The new track, a piano-propelled song called “Won’t Cry” featuring fellow Mando-pop lead singer from Mayday, rendered 300,000 views on YouTube after just 30 minutes and sold more than 10 million digital copies within the first two hours of its release.

The music streaming platform QQ Music could not handle the sudden surge of traffic from Jay Chou fans and overloaded from the massive volume, making Chou the first artist to ever crash the streaming servers. Social media platforms in China were taken by storm with netizens posting messages that read “QQ music has crashed” and a myriad of memes referring to the music video.

Jay Chou is a Taiwanese musician, singer, songwriter and record producer. Since his debut in 2000, his music has gained worldwide recognition throughout Asia and in the Asian communities in the West. He has sold more than 30 million albums and has received numerous awards for his musical works.