JD.com to Launch ChatGPT-style Product This Year

He Xiaodong, the Vice President of JD.com, which is one of China’s largest e-commerce companies, announced on April 8 at a summit that the company will be launching an “industrial version” of ChatGPT called ChatJD this year. This chatbot product will specifically cater to the retail and finance industries.

Two months ago, JD.com‘s cloud arm unveiled its ChatJD application roadmap called the “125” plan. This plan consists of one platform, two domains, and five applications. The first component is the ChatJD intelligent human-machine dialogue platform that utilizes natural language processing to comprehend and generate tasks. The second component comprises two domains: retail and finance. Lastly, there are five applications which include content generation, user intent understanding, information extraction, emotion classification and human-machine dialogue.

He Xiaodong, the leader of JD.com‘s AI technology, believes that ChatGPT’s most significant innovation is its ability to generate text content. By engaging in interactive dialogue with users, ChatGPT can better understand their intentions and provide relevant answers. Additionally, the high quality of text generated by ChatGPT enhances the user experience significantly. Technically speaking, compared to commonly used unsupervised deep learning algorithms, the algorithm and training process behind ChatGPT utilize more novel semi-supervised learning algorithms.

JD.com‘s AI research and development team comprises He Xiaodong, Wu Youzheng, Zhang Zhengchen, and Chen Meng. He Xiaodong joined JD.com in 2018 and is credited with creating the Yanxi artificial intelligence application platform along with several industry-specific solutions. The Yanxi platform currently caters to over 580 million users, 880 financial institutions, 1,821 large enterprises as well as more than 1.95 million small and medium-sized businesses.

Wu is presently serving as the Senior Director of JD.com and heading the Speech and Language Algorithm Department at JD Tech. His primary responsibilities involve conducting research and development in various areas such as natural language processing, human-machine dialogue, speech recognition, machine translation, among others.

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Zhang is the current product manager of JD Tech’s voice synthesis products, which have been widely utilized in intelligent customer service, finance, live-streaming, and smart speakers. Meanwhile, Chen serves as the head of JD Tech’s Human-Computer Interaction Technology Department. Since joining JD.com, he has developed core algorithm engines for Jingxiaozhi – a service platform for merchants – and Yanxi.

JD.com has already implemented AI-generated content (AIGC) and ChatGPT-related technologies in some of its businesses. Moving forward, JD.com will prioritize working with text, voice, and digital humans by leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT and other technological advancements.