JiDU Plans to Enter 46 Cities in China by End of 2023

JiDU, an automobile robot startup company initiated by Baidu and strategically invested by Geely, held the first automobile robot ecological partner conference on August 8. Joe Xia, CEO of JiDU, reviewed the development process of the company since its establishment over a year and a half ago, and introduced the R&D of the company’s vehicle robot products, the construction of intelligent supply chain, and the construction of the sales system.

Xia also introduced in detail the core competitiveness of JiDU’s robocar. He emphasized that in 2023, the first robocar delivered by mass production will have the best high-level automated driving capability currently seen in the industry.

He also revealed that the company will soon release a limited version of its first robocar, and will open pre-orders at the same time. The vehicle is expected to be officially delivered in the second half of 2023. Meanwhile, the exterior design of its second model will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show at the end of 2022 with deliveries expected to begin in 2024.

In addition, JiDU’s first brand experience center will open in Shanghai this year, and the first batch of stores is planned to enter 46 cities in China in 2023, completing an initial layout of the company’s national sales network. In addition, Joe Xia announced that the company will have the ability to deliver 800,000 robocars throughout the year in 2028.

In addition, JiDU has also established its Shanghai Headquarters with a building area of nearly 20,000 m². The office area is planned with functional divisions such as product design, vehicle evaluation, software and hardware R&D, sample trial production, administration, conference reception, rest and fitness, and catering services.

The Shanghai Headquarters (Source: JiDU)

Relying on the components that make up the new energy and smart car market, supply chain, industrial cluster and talent reserve in the Yangtze River Delta region, the JiDU Shanghai Headquarters will focus on the design, R&D and sales of automotive robot products. At the same time, JiDU’s Beijing Headquarters will mainly focus on the application and development of vehicle-mounted software such as intelligent driving, consoles, and connected vehicle systems.

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