Jidun Technology Completes Pre-A Round of Financing Worth Tens of Millions of Yuan from IDG Capital

Chinese network security company Jidun Technology recently completed Pre-A financing worth tens of millions of yuan IDG Capital as the main investor.

Founded in December 2020, Jidun Technology is a network security company engaged in the detection and response capabilities in enterprise business scenarios. The company has already independently developed and released two products, “Mizong” and “Xice” and has now served dozens of large- and medium-sized enterprises in the fields of banking, trust, real estate, cat making and the Internet.

“Mizong” is able to analyze operational behaviors of internal personnel within an enterprise, scan core data assets involved in business operations, and effectively reduce and better control the risk of data leakage by staff. The company does so by combining several elements of analysis, including visualizing business scenarios, modular risk index algorithms, user entity behavior analysis, sensitive data discovery models, automatic business data classifications and other grading mechanisms.

Another product “Xice” relies on extended detection and response (XDR) to improve its network security operation capability of existing equipment. XDR is a way to collect and automatically correlate information across multiple security layers for rapid threat detection.

“Xice” integrates many of Jidun’s self-developed core technologies such as real-time stream computing, decision engines, knowledge maps and adaptive AI algorithms. It highlights “real-time detection” and “self-adaption”, often able to respond to security detection results within 10 milliseconds, and could optimize security policies through its adaptive algorithms with only a single click.

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As for the team, Jidun’s CEO Ding Yang joined Alibaba Group in 2011. Ding was in charge of the security operation of several departments, participated in the R&D many internal security products, and has broad experience in operations, research and development. Other founding team members of Jidu all have backgrounds at companies such as Alibaba and Microsoft and other big tech companies.