JueFX Reaches Cooperation with Chip Manufacturer Horizon Robotics

Chinese smart driving chipmaker Horizon Robotics on Wednesday officially became a strategic partner of JueFX, an autonomous driving solutions provider.

Under the arrangement, the two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation for the implementation of all-scenario intelligent driving applications based on the the Horizon Journey series of automative-grade chips, combined with the multi-sensor fusion algorithm capabilities of JueFX.

Founded in 2015, Horizon Robotics is the only enterprise in China that has realized factory-installed mass production of automative-grade chips. Moreover, the cumulative shipments of its self-developed Journey series chips have exceeded 1 million pieces. The Journey 5 chip released in 2021 has both high performance and large computing power. The AI computing power of a single chip can reach up to 128TOPS, supporting 16-channel camera perception computing, and it can support the multi-sensor fusion, prediction, planning and control required for autonomous driving.

Horizon Robotics has previously reached cooperation with BYD and Niutron on the mass production of the Journey 5 chip. Among them, Shenzhen-based automotive firm BYD has confirmed that it will carry the Journey 5 on some of its models, which will be launched in mid-2023 at the earliest.

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JueFX, established in 2019, takes multi-sensor integration as its technical path, covering the integration system of vehicles and roads to provide integrated intelligent driving solutions in three major application scenarios: passenger car travel, trunk logistics and urban transportation. The scheme can provide customized factory- and aftermarket-installed positioning algorithms, multi-sensor fusion sensing algorithms and dynamic traffic information services. Besides, it can integrate high-performance computing power platforms and realize refined deployment according to different computing power requirements.

The two companies are currently working together to complete the adaptation and deployment of the JueFX fusion positioning algorithm on the Horizon Journey 3 chip. They have also verified the accuracy in multiple scenarios, including the entrance and exit of expressway ramps, driving under overpasses, and right turns and U-turns at urban intersections.

The two sides have furthered their in-depth cooperation based on the Horizon Journey 5 chip this time, and JueFX will be the first software provider to adapt and deploy the fusion positioning algorithm to Journey 5.

In the future, both parties intend to continue expanding and deepening cooperation, explore market areas and application opportunities such as autonomous driving, autonomous parking and Intelligent Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Systems (IVICS), and work together to promote the mass production of intelligent driving technology.