Chinese EV Startup Niutron to Adopt Horizon Journey Processors

Chinese automotive-grade edge AI chipmaker Horizon Robotics announced on Thursday that Niutron, a domestic electric car company, has recently released the Advanced Assisted Driving (AAD) system for its first model, the Niutron NV, which will be equipped with Horizon’s Journey 2 and Journey 5 chips. In the future, more Niutron models will adopt the Journey 5 processor.

The Niutron brand was launched on December 15 of last year as a new project by internet industry veteran Li Yinan, who previously held important positions at Huawei, Baidu and other top firms.

The Niutron NV, an electric mid-size SUV, will be launched this year. It has a length, width and height of 4915mm x 1950mm x 1750mm, and a wheelbase of 2900mm. The whole series comes standard with an AAD system and has L2+ assisted driving capabilities.

The system adopts a Horizon Journey 2 processor and a Horizon Matrix Mono monocular sensing solution. In addition to its excellent performance under standard driving conditions, it can also identify road conditions specific to China, such as complex lanes and construction areas, as well as two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles.

Horizon Robotics added that on this basis, from the third quarter of 2023, the whole series of Niutron NV will support the paid hardware upgrade plan to a higher-level SuperDrive AAD system, which will realize L2++ assisted driving capabilities. The upgraded AAD will be equipped with a super-computing platform based on dual Journey 5 processors, with AI computing power reaching 256 TOPS, reportedly achieving performance improvement by up to 64 times. It can support super-sensing systems of 12 ultra-high definition cameras and five millimeter wave radars.

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As the third-generation auto-grade product by Horizon Robotics, Journey 5 adopts a new generation of dual-core BPU and octa-core CPU cluster. A single chip’s computing power can reach 128 TOPS. According to the company, the Journey processor’s shipments have exceeded 1 million pieces, and it has signed factory-installed mass production projects of more than 50 models with over 20 carmakers.