Kuaishou Alliance Launches “2021 Super Partner Program” to Support Allied Firms

At an ecological conference on Tuesday, the Kuaishou Alliance, operating under Chinese short video platform Kuaishou, launched a “2021 Super Partner Program” to invite partners across various industries such as tools, games, video information and novels to enjoy financial support worth of tens of billions of yuan and preferential investment opportunities.

The Kuaishou Alliance is relatively independent from the main products of Kuaishou. As for its function, Ma Hongbin, the company’s senior vice president, said that “Kuaishou’s ecological circle is growing in a healthy manner. The alliance can provide an unlimited traffic pool to meet the needs of customers and increase their income. The joint effort of us and our partners will help build a more intelligent marketing ecology and constantly improve core competitiveness in the new era.”

In recent years, more and more advertisers have chosen to cooperate with Kuaishou. With the continuous expansion of customer scale, the commercial ecosystem of Kuaishou needs more partners to get involved. Ma said that the Kuaishou Alliance will launch new services and better policies to help its partners grow faster.

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Bai Xiaohang, the directer of advertising for the Kuaishou Alliance, believed that based on the company’s huge user scale, innovative products, minimalist solutions, extensive content and the vast number of developers, the alliance will contribute to improving its partners’ cash conversion efficiency, brand value and marketing.

Kuaishou also announced five major policies to stimulate app developers. For example, the maximum incentive ratio of upgrading apps will reach 10%.

In Kuaishou’s view, the rapid development of short video and live broadcasting technology has pushed the alliance industry into a third wave of great changes. Based on the concept of VaaS (video as a service), the Kuaishou Alliance is adopting short videos as the core to build a complete service portfolio.

The Kuaishou Alliance focuses on three major content-related businesses that enable developers to increase user stickiness, advertising and e-commerce, helping developers gain tangible profits from user traffic.

The past several years have witnessed the rapid development of the short video and live broadcasting industries, which have attracted a large number of advertisers.

Apart from communication apps like WeChat, users tend to spend the most time everyday watching short videos. With the shift of users’ attention, nearly 70% of advertisers noted that short video apps will be their key targets, according to the China Digital Marketing Trend Report in 2020.

“Kuaishou Alliance has four core strengths: strong technical support, leading VaaS capability, multiple return channels and customized service,” said Wang Shuaimin, head of the the venture.

Based on an integrated model of advertising, content and e-commerce, the Kuaishou Alliance will help its users to accurately narrow down their target audience to offer videos they might be more interested in.

In 2020, the Kuaishou Alliance covered a total of 29 primary industries and 116 business sectors, with over 500 million daily active users. It has become an important driving force for the development of Kuaishou. In the future, it hopes to join hands with thousands of developers to achieve open and win-win cooperation.