Kuaishou Deepens Adjustment of Organizational Structure

Jiemian News reported on August 5 that Kuaishou, the leading rival of TikTok’s Chinese mainland version, Douyin, announced an organizational restructuring involving multiple departments, and has set up a new management committee.

According to an internal email, the new management committee of Kuaishou consists of 12 members, and CEO Cheng Yixiao is fully responsible for the firm’s corporate governance. After the adjustment, Liu Feng and Ma Hongbin will serve as heads of the Commercial Department and International department, respectively. The newly established comprehensive support line includes an efficiency engineering department and comprehensive support and management department. Additionally, the Human Resources Department changed its name to the Human Resources Line.

In September last year, Kuaishou started the organizational structure adjustment of the division system, with the goal of further improving organizational efficiency. According to people close to Kuaishou, this means that the organizational structure adjustment of the division system, which lasted nearly one year, continues to deepen.

According to public reports, Ma Hongbin joined Kuaishou in March 2017. Before joining the firm, he worked at Boston Consulting Group for six years and worked as a senior operation director at Meituan for two years. After joining Kuaishou, Ma experienced rotation in many departments, and served as the head of strategic analysis, head of operations and head of the commercial group.

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Liu Feng joined Kuaishou in 2018. Before that, he worked in the management consulting department of Tencent President’s Office and was responsible for the post-investment management support of Kuaishou. During the period when Liu was in charge of human resources, organizational management and culture, efficiency engineering and other related work, Kuaishou gradually built a complete organizational management system, including professional ranks, management ranks, and company management IT systems, and started the organizational structure adjustment of the division system.

In fact, since September last year, Kuaishou has started a series of organizational restructuring in order to improve efficiency. In the second half of last year, Kuaishou’s overseas development strategy has shifted to refined operations, and the operational efficiency of the central operations team has been improved by shrinking promotion investment in non-core markets and integrating Kwai. In terms of the restructuring of the International Department in March this year, Kuaishou announced the establishment of separate International and Commercial Departments to bring into play the business synergy in domestic and overseas markets.