Kuaishou Releases First Digital Collection

Magnetic Engine, a commercial marketing service platform owned by Kuaishou, and Mints, a Chinese digital collection platform, launched Kuaishou’s first NFT digital collection called “Magnetic Engine Influencers” on Wednesday.

An original creation, the project was designed by the same team that developed the “Magnetic Manufacturing” project under Magnetic Engine. The collection will contain six digital collectable NFTs dereived from six top influencers on Kuaishou and is combined with the company’s own cartoon mascots. Each NFT is limited to 270 pieces with a unique code and users can purchase them through official account of Magnetic Manufacturing and the official website of Mints.

The NFTs combine the virtual and physical to create a genuine collection since users can also take possession of the same physical garage kits after obtaining the digital collections. The six Kuaishou influencers will also be releasing physical garage kits from time to time to explore the digital virtual world with fans.

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Kuaishou’s Magnetic Engine will continue to explore other application scenarios of a similar kind with other influencers in an effort to promote the integration of influencer marketing and brand awareness.

In April this year, Magnetic Engine started a “wheat plan” and began to explore a content marketing scheme of linking “platform + influencers + brand.” 150 top influencers of Kuaishou were officially selected to form the top ten “combination resource packages”, and platform policies such as traffic support, business order service fee rate reduction, and 1-on-1 official operation guidance were introduced to promote the commercial value of influencers.