Kuaishou’s CTO Resignation Prompts Development Overhaul After 8 Months

According to the information received, Kuaishou‘s R&D department recently underwent a structural adjustment. The Basic Technology Department was abolished and replaced by the Basic Platform Department and Infrastructure Department. The relevant teams and responsibilities of the original Basic Technology Department were respectively integrated into these two newly established departments. The former head of the Basic Technology Department, Wei Bin, has been appointed as a technical consultant to report to Yu Bing, Senior Vice President of Kuaishou. At the same time, Wei Bin no longer serves as Chairman of the Technical Group Server Development Channel and Technical Operations Channel; Yu Bing has taken over as Chairman of the Server Development Channel.

As of the time of writing, there has been no response from Kuaishou regarding this news.

This is an important adjustment in the development line of Kuaishou after the resignation of its CTO, Chen Dingjia. In January this year, Chen Dingjia resigned as CTO of Kuaishou. He has held this position since November 2015 and was a classmate of Su Hua, the former CEO of Kuaishou, at Tsinghua University. After Chen Dingjia’s resignation, Yu Yue, the Senior Vice President responsible for algorithm technology, and Yu Bing, the Senior Vice President responsible for audio and video technology, jointly managed the company. The development line of Kuaishou is now under the management of Yu Bing.

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After the architectural adjustment in September 2021, Wei Bin took on the role of head of the R&D Line and System Operations Department at Kuaishou. Following a recent architectural adjustment at Kuaishou, Wei Bin’s job responsibilities were taken over by two individuals. Ye Lin is responsible for the Basic Platform Department, mainly focusing on the research and development of general technology platforms such as system software, databases, and technical operation platforms, as well as providing SRE service support. Zhang Jiajun is in charge of the Infrastructure Department, primarily responsible for the research and development, construction, operation, cost management, and supply guarantee of infrastructure technologies including networks, servers, and data centers. Both report to Yu Bing. Additionally, there have been some personnel adjustments within these two departments.

Since the end of October 2021, there have been multiple rounds of organizational adjustments in Kuaishou after Su Hua stepped down as CEO. Currently, several executives including former Kuaishou CTO Chen Dingjia, former CEO Su Hua’s business assistant Peng Jiatong, and former CFO Zhong Yiqi have resigned. Tang Yuyu, a member of Kuaishou’s management committee and Su Hua’s wife is no longer responsible for frontline operations. At the same time, there have been adjustments to the leaders of core businesses such as Kuaishou Main Station, Commercialization, E-commerce, Local Life Services, and Overseas Expansion. After Cheng Yixiao took over as CEO, there was also a change in Kuaishou’s development strategy from aggressive expansion to cost reduction and efficiency improvement with the goal of turning losses into profits.

In this context, the development team of Kuaishou has been continuously adjusting. Among them, the Basic Technology Department has made some personnel reductions this year, with a clear intention to reduce costs and improve efficiency.