Kuaishou’s Language Model Surpasses GPT-3.5 in Breakthrough Announcement

During the 2024 Kuaishou Magnet Conference held on Tuesday, Jiang Peng from Kuaishou’s commercial algorithm sector, shared some exciting developments.

Kuaishou’s KwaiYii general-purpose language model has now surpassed GPT-3.5 in capabilities, according to Jiang. By extensively pre-training the KwaiYii large model with vast amounts of commercial knowledge tokens and aligning millions of commercial instructions precisely, Kuaishou has successfully crafted a leading-edge large language model in the marketing domain. This model can generate content that authentically reflects Kuaishou’s essence, elevating its marketing prowess to match that of GPT-4. Jiang Peng emphasized that this achievement not only signifies a technological breakthrough but also underscores a profound understanding and adept handling of Kuaishou’s unique platform characteristics.

Moreover, Jiang Peng highlighted Kuaishou’s advancements in digital human technology and Video AIGC. He mentioned that Kuaishou’s Niwa Digital Human platform now supports over 2200 digital humans for round-the-clock broadcasting, significantly enriching Kuaishou’s content landscape and enhancing user viewing experiences.

Additionally, Kuaishou’s Pangu Video AIGC technology has yielded remarkable results in the marketing realm. Jiang Peng disclosed that the application of Pangu Video AIGC technology has substantially boosted marketing conversion rates by up to 33%, delivering not just enhanced marketing efficacy but also increased return on investment for advertisers.

Jiang Peng underscored that these technological breakthroughs and innovations are a testament to Kuaishou’s ongoing commitment to research and exploration. Looking ahead, Kuaishou remains dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies in the commercial sphere to create greater value for both users and advertisers.

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