Launch Event for Baidu’s ERNIE Bot Changes to Closed Exchange Meeting

Baidu AI Cloud was scheduled to hold a launch event on March 27th at which it will unveil a series of cloud services and applications related to the company’s new Ernie Bot. According to sources close to Baidu‘s insiders, the launch event has been cancelled and “will be postponed for a few days before being released”.

It is now learned from the WeChat official account, that Baidu AI Cloud responded by saying that launch event was not cancelled, and the launch event originally scheduled to be held today was changed to a closed-door communication meeting for the first batch of invited beta test enterprises to conduct an in-depth and full technical discussion on the new technogy. The time and place of the meeting remained unchanged.

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According to some reports, the ERNIE Bot Cloud Service has received applications from 120,000 enterprises for beta testing. Baidu AI Cloud also said that after March 27th, closed communication meetings with customers will be held more frequently.