Leading Display Firm BOE Expects 2021 Net Profits to Exceed 25 Billion Yuan

BOE, a leading display panel supplier in the Chinese market, announced its 2021 performance forecast on Thursday. The firm predicts that annual operating income will be between 215 billion and 220 billion yuan ($33.9 billion-$34.7 billion), up 59%-62% year-on-year. 

BOE also estimates that net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies will be between 25.7 billion and 26 billion yuan, up 410%-416% year-on-year. The company revealed that the semiconductor display industry witnessed the longest boom cycle in history in the first half of 2021.

Since the third quarter of 2021, an adjustment of market demand drove the price of industry products higher, and the industry in the whole year is relatively more promising than last year, according to BOE. As a leading player in the industry, the company rode the trend and performed excellently compared to last year.

Since 2021, BOE has carried out technical upgrades in terms of 8K displays, flexible OLED and other fields. In addition, the company has successively launched 55-inch 4K AMQLED display products and 480 Hz ultra-high refresh rate professional e-sports display products.

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According to data produced by Sigmaintell and cited by BOE, the company shipped about 60 million flexible OLED smartphone panels in 2021, an increase of nearly 60% year-on-year. Meanwhile, shipments of flexible display screens ranked first in China and second in the world.

In addition, BOE unveiled that in the future, the company will achieve development through innovation of technology, management and digital transformation.