Lei Jun Successively Withdrew From Director Roles at Several Xiaomi-Affiliated Companies

According to Chinese commercial inquiry platform Tianyancha, the industrial and commercial registration information regarding Chengdu Beida Asset Management Co., Ltd. now indicates two updates: the firm’s legal representative has changed from Hong Feng to Lin Shiwei, and Lei Jun (Executive Director) has withdrawn from the company’s main personnel positions.

Chengdu Beida Asset Management was established in August 2017, and its business scope includes project investment, enterprise management consulting and financial business process outsourcing. According to the shareholder information shown on the inquiry platform, the company is wholly owned by Tianxing Digital Technology Co., Ltd, which runs a mobile payment platform owned by Xiaomi. Based on NFC technology, this platform product can connect mobile phones with bus cards and bank accounts to help realize mobile payment services.

It is worth noting that previously, Lei Jun successively withdrew from the position of Chairman of Xiaomi Credit Management Co., Ltd. and director of Shanghai Xiaomi Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. In July this year, he also withdrew from the position of Executive Director of Chongqing Xiaomi Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd.

According to its official website, Xiaomi is a technology enterprise focusing on smartphones, internet TV and the smart household appliances ecosystem, and Lei Jun is the Executive Director, Founder, Chairman and CEO of the company. He is fully responsible for Xiaomi‘s strategy making, corporate culture building and key products development, and supervises the senior management team. He is currently also serving as director of several subsidiaries, merged affiliated entities and operating entities of Xiaomi.

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