Lei Jun Unveils Xiaomi Hyper OS

On Monday, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun posted a long article on Weibo to introduce Xiaomi‘s Hyper OS, officially unveiling its complete system architecture.

According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi Hyper OS will achieve four major goals: the strongest single-end performance, AI empowerment, more convenient and efficient connectivity, and robust protection of all-end privacy and security. This operating system is based on the company’s self-developed Vela system kernal and a deeply modified Linux system kernel for integration, as well as the creation of eight major subsystems and an all-end security system.

Xiaomi Hyper OS and the new Xiaomi 14 series will be officially launched at the press conference on October 26th at 7 PM, GMT+8. The Xiaomi Watch S3 will also make its debut on that day.

According to previous official teasers, Xiaomi 14 series smartphones will be the first to feature the new operating system, and will also come with a Leica Summilux lens for the first time.

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