Lenovo: We Have Never Defamed Huawei

“Lenovo president and CEO Yang Yuanqing has never delivered any kind of speeches to slander Huawei,” the Chinese technology company Lenovo stated on Mar. 8. It will sue related social media accounts for defamation.

This is not the first time that Chinese companies have been caught up in widespread rumors started by personal social media accounts. It’s also not the first time that companies declare to file a lawsuit.

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“In the recent years, we have seen such rumors very frequently. We will take legal action to figure out the backstage manipulators who are trying to stir up friction among Chinese companies. And we will dig deep to find out their true goals so as to take them down,” stated Lenovo.

Three days ago, Digital E Talk, a we-media account on technologies, published an article titled “Lenovo Yang Yuanqing triggered controversy again, saying he would never choose Huawei even if that’s at the cost of 5G, and that Qualcomm is way better than Huawei.” The article was later shared or rephrased to attract public attention.

However, a reporter who was at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 said Yang never mentioned anything about Huawei or Qualcomm, although the CEO did talk about 5G, carriers, and technological reserve.

“I believe that in the era of 5G, the application scenarios would be completely different. And Lenovo will play a larger part in it,” Yang said at the MWC. “It’s highly possible that wifi won’t exist anymore, and that that will make room for Lenovo in the future.”

Lenovo called on all Chinese entities to protect their international image, and stay away from internet trolls and gangsterdom public relations, to “create a fair and well-organized public opinion environment, where Chinese companies can achieve more domestically and globally.”