Lenovo’s ZUK Announces Official Return with a New “Bezel-less” Phone Releasing in June

The official Weibo account of ZUK, a smartphone brand under Lenovo, shared the Weibo post of Lenovo’s VP Chang Cheng yesterday, adding that they are “coming back in June with a national flagship product”. Chang Cheng said ZUK would release the new S2 phone as early as March of this year, when most people thought Lenovo had given up on the ZUK brand.However, the official return of ZUK is a great excitement for many users and fans.

ZUK official weibo

Yesterday, Chang Cheng announced their new generation of bezel-less screen mobile phones, and even declared war on Xiaomi, while posting a rendered photo showing only the upper left corner and the left side of the phone.

As you can see from the photo, the upper left corner and the side are designed with very thin bezels and an amazing screen-to-body ratio. However, the whole body photo of this new machine was soon leaked online after Chang Cheng’s Weibo post, showing that the phone actually maintains the bezel design at the bottom. Therefore, it cannot be referred to having a “100% screen-to-screen ratio”, and is still somewhat different from the previously claimed “real bezel-less screen”.

new ZUK mobile picture

How do you like the looks of this new product coming out in June?

This article originally appeared in TechWeb and was translated by Pandaily.