Li Auto Announces Details on L9’s Appearance

Chinese electric vehicle maker Li Auto officially revealed the appearance of its Li Auto L9 model on Wednesday. The car will make its debut at Auto China 2022, with a price range of 450,000-500,000 yuan ($70,914-78,794).

Earlier this month, Li Auto announced the L9 car model, which is positioned as a smart flagship SUV for families. The company has now revealed that this model has a CLTC range of 1,200km, with a battery that can travel 200km, plus gasoline power for another 1,000km. Equipped with hidden door handles, the L9 also includes 5G in-vehicle infotainment, AR HUD, a small steering wheel screen, and a refrigerator or incubator for two milk bottles, among other accessories.

The L9 has a 7.3.4 panoramic sound layout, with seven groups of speakers surrounding the whole car, three subwoofers forming the bass matrix, and four top speakers forming the sky surround sound system. Adopting Dolby Atmos technology and equipped with a 4D immersive audio and video system, it creates an immersive audio-visual experience in the car.

(Source: Li Auto)

Li Auto‘s L9 has 21 loudspeakers. The tweeter is made of aluminum film, the midrange driver is made of Kevlar, and the woofer is made of carbon fiber.

In addition, its six seats are all equipped with electric adjustment and seat heating, and the four independent seats in the front two rows have seat ventilation and SPA-level ten-acupoint massage.

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The L9 is designed with the HUD for safe driving interaction screen with mini-LED and multi-touch technology, which can not only clearly display the necessary driving information, but also enables the instrument screen to realize touch interaction for safe and convenient selection of functions, including driving modes.