Li Auto Apologizes for the Uncivilized Driving Behavior of Its Test Vehicles

On December 4th, Li Auto and Qingdao Yuzhe Automobile Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. responded on Weibo to a recent online rumor about uncivilized driving behavior during a test drive.

The apology statement issued by Qingdao Yuzhe states that on December 3, 2023, at 14:57 (at Beijing time), their driver Liu committed actions that endangered road traffic safety while driving a test vehicle in Shenzhen. The company has requested the driver to promptly address the traffic violations and deeply apologizes for the serious violation of traffic regulations by this driver and the negative impact it has caused to the manufacturer.

Qingdao Yuzhe also stated that Liu’s behavior has violated the manufacturer’s agreement requirements. According to the company’s employee code of conduct, Liu will be dismissed for his involvement in this matter.

Li Auto reposted the above Weibo and deeply apologizes for the traffic safety hazards caused by this behavior. At the same time, Li Auto claims to have reiterated to all road test engineers and relevant suppliers the importance and seriousness of complying with traffic laws and regulations.

Blogger @庞珅_shen posted on Weibo in the afternoon of December 3rd, stating that an Li MEGA test car blocked a normal moving vehicle while changing lanes. The three people in the obstructed vehicle were all his friends. Fortunately, no accident occurred as the Li MEGA test car was blocking the lane with solid lines when approaching a tunnel.

Blogger’s follow-up response: His friend expressed satisfaction with Li Auto and the apology from the testing car company. The traffic violations of the tester will continue to be handled by Shenzhen Traffic Police.

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