Li Auto CEO Li Xiang Confirms New SUV Models L8 and X03

On August 15, Li Auto‘s CEO Li Xiang revealed the EV maker’s future models.

Li posted on China’s social media that automated driving technology is rule (programming) + learning (AI), and its primary task is to ensure the safety of vehicle owners. EV makers must reduce the accident rate by constantly optimizing the rules while improving the driving experience of vehicle owners in various scenarios by learning from good samples.

In the comments under Li’s post, some netizens said that they have been waiting for the long-talked about Li Auto L8. To this, Li replied: “Don’t buy a Li ONE at this stage if you are waiting for the L8.” When asked about the launch time of the Li L8, the CEO said that it is necessary to complete the delivery and capacity ramping of the L9 first.

Li L9 (Source: Li Auto)

Li added: “It is too difficult for two new models that can both deliver ten thousand units in the first full month to ramp up capacity at the same time. I can’t understand how.” This may imply that everything is ready for the L8, but it is not released yet solely due to production capacity limitations.

Some also inquired about the X03, mentioning that they wanted to see a larger five-seater, where people could sit in the middle of the rear row, similar to an Audi Q7. In this regard, Li replied: “It is far bigger than the Audi Q7, and you can refer to the latest rear space of the Bentayga L five-seat version,” before adding: “Although this may sound unpleasant, the X03 will surpass the Cullinan and the rear space and comfort won’t be a problem.”

A spy photo of Li L8 (Source: Weibo)

According to the leaked photos of the Li L8, although the vehicle still qualifies as a mid-size SUV, its positioning is lower than the L9, or, rather, it can be regarded as an upgrade to the Li ONE. Having a length of 5,030 mm and a wheelbase of 3,000 mm, it is priced at 300,000-400,000 yuan ($46,000-$61,000), benchmarking against GLE.

As for the X03 model, last July, Anhui Zhongding Sealing Parts Co., Ltd., announced that it had obtained the designated book of the Li X03 project. The announcement said that its supplier subsidiary TFH is dedicated to the development and production of engine and battery thermal management system assembly products, which means that the X03 is still an extended-range new energy model, or the second model of the X extended-range platform.