Li Auto L8 to Debut September 30

On the evening of September 22, Chinese new energy automobile company Li Auto announced that the new generation of its Li ONE, the Li L8, will be announced at a press conference on September 30, and will start delivery in early November.

At the same time, Li Auto also announced the naming scheme for its models. “L” represents the SUV series based on the extended range electric platform, and the number represents the size level of a model. For example,

  • The Li L9 is a smart family flagship six-seat SUV (full sized, priced at under 500,000 yuan);
  • The Li L8 is a smart family luxury six-seat SUV (medium and large sized, priced at less than 400,000 yuan);
  • The Li L7 is a smart family flagship five-seat SUV of home intelligence (medium and large sized, priced at less than 400,000 yuan);
  • The Li L6 is a smart family luxury five-seat SUV (medium sized, priced at under 300, 000 yuan).
(Source: Li Auto)

Li Auto said that Li L8 inherits the spatial layout of the Li ONE classic medium and large-sized six-seat SUV, measuring 5080mm long, 1995mm wide, 1800mm high with a 3005mm wheelbase. The Li L8 offers Pro and Max versions.

In addition, the Li L7, a flagship five-seat SUV of Li Auto, will be released and delivered in the first quarter of 2023. The car body is 5050mm long, 1995mm wide, 1750mm high with a 3005mm wheelbase.

Li L8 and Li L7 will come standard with a new four-wheel drive extended range electric system, Magic Carpet suspension, 7.3.4 Dolby panoramic audio-visual system, front four-screen interactive system with HUD (head-up display) and NOA (navigate on autopilot) assisted driving.

Li L9 (Source: Li Auto)

According to the information released by Li Auto, the Li L8 Pro model includes the intelligent driving AD Pro and intelligent console SS Pro. AD Pro is the first in the world to adopt the Journey 5 chip developed by Horizon Robotics, and has a high-speed NOA. The SS Pro adopts Qualcomm Snapdragon’s 8155 chip and a four-screen interactive system in the front, which includes a HUD, safe driving interactive screen and two front-facing 15.7-inch LCD screens.

The Li L8 Max comes standard with intelligent driving AD Max and the intelligent console SS Max. The AD Max adopts NVIDIA’s dual Orin X chips, lidars and a complete set of automated driving safety redundancy systems. The SS Max adopts dual Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chips and a five-screen 3D interactive system, which has a HUD, safe driving interactive screen and three 15.7-inch LCD screens in front and rear rows.

Delivery data show that since its delivery, the cumulative delivery volume of the compang has reached 199,484. In August 2022, the firm delivered 4,571 new cars. Compared with the data of 13,024 vehicles delivered in June and 10,422 vehicles delivered in July, the delivery volume has declined for two consecutive months.

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After some recent, negative news, such as the sudden stop of production of the Li ONE, the promotion of price reduction of 20,000 yuan, a large number of consumer complaints, the cancellation of Li Auto‘s Zhejiang subsidiaries, the selling of stocks and cashing out by company executives, and frequent vehicle quality problems, the sales volume of Li Auto has been seriously affected. At present, there is no answer as to where the future Li Auto will go.