Li Auto L9 to Be Released on June 21

Li Xiang, CEO of Chinese car manufacturer Li Auto, said on Saturday that the official release date of the L9 model will be June 21. In July, consumers will be able to test drive an L9 at all the firm’s stores in China. The model will be officially delivered to users in August, and the delivery volume in September may exceed 10,000 units.

Li Xiang said that the company’s Changzhou facility had churned out thousands of mass-produced L9s, and these cars would be transported to 233 retail centers in 108 cities across China in July, so that users who reserve a Li Auto L9 can drive the car before deciding to pay.

In terms of interior decoration, the L9 adopts an innovative five-screen interactive mode, consisting of standard HUD, a safe driving interactive screen above the steering wheel, a central control screen, a co-driver entertainment screen and a rear cabin entertainment screen. Specifically, it has three 15.7-inch OLED screens with 3K HD resolution and extreme color restoration.

According to the previously released news, the Li Auto L9 comes standard with the self-developed flagship intelligent driving system “Li Auto AD Max.” This system adopts full-stack self-developed perception, decision-making, planning and control software. Specifically, the AEB automatic emergency braking function is optimized for Chinese road conditions, and enhances the recognition of crossing pedestrians and two-wheeled vehicles.

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The Li Auto L9 uses high-performance cameras as the main sensing source, including six 8-megapixel cameras and five 2-megapixel cameras. The combination of two 8-megapixel cameras in front can realize the recognition of vehicles, pedestrians, cones and other objects in a wide-angle range of 120 and within 550 meters.

The Li Auto L9 features a 1.5T four-cylinder engine, a motor from Great Wall Motor Honeycomb Power, and a battery pack with a capacity of 44.5 kWh. The pure electric cruising range under CLTC conditions is 215 km, and the comprehensive cruising range under on full fuel and full power conditions is 1315 km.

In addition, the Li Auto L9 adopts an intelligent four-wheel drive system, with maximum power of the front/rear motors of 130kW and 200kW respectively, comprehensive maximum power of 330kW, peak torque of 620 Nm and acceleration of 5.3 seconds per 100 km.