Li Auto Responds to Range Extender Being Modified by Flashing

On July 3, in response to the incident of Li Auto‘s range extender ‘dancing’, Tang Jing, the person in charge of Li Auto‘s product line, responded on Weibo.

Tang Jing said that after discussing with the after-sales colleagues, they did not see this car in the after-sales system. From the video, it seems highly likely that this car was “internally sold for export” overseas.

He then approached the research and development department to replicate the situation in the video. The R&D team slightly adjusted the angle parameter of the rotating motor drive, and a similar “malfunction” occurred.

Tang Jing said: Li Auto‘s extended-range drive system has been carefully calibrated and tuned by engineers for each parameter, all of which have been meticulously inspected and confirmed by quality engineers. Please do not make any modifications after leaving the factory. If there are any issues, please go to an official aftersales service center for assistance.

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