LiangDao Intelligence and Innoviz Reach Agreement in LiDAR Field

In-vehicle LiDAR system provider LiangDao Intelligence, and Innoviz Technologies, a well-known LiDAR provider, announced on Wednesday that they have formally established a strategic partnership.

According to the agreement, both parties will explore several new ventures together. The agreement includes the possibility of customizing Innoviz LiDAR products for automobile manufacturers in China, developing sensing solutions, and conducting system verification and data collection to speed up the launch of serialized production solutions of high-resolution LiDAR based on InnovizTwo.

In-vehicle LiDAR is an indispensable sensor in high-level autonomous driving. Automobile customers often have strict requirements on the product strength of LiDAR, including price, performance, quality and stability. In order to further promote the mass production and application of LiDAR products in the Chinese market, LiangDao Intelligence and Innoviz carried out this cooperation.

As a full-stack service provider of mass production in-vehicle LiDAR system, LiangDao Intelligence has been heavily involved in the LiDAR field for many years. Its core technical team had previously led the software mass production development team to participate in the implementation of Scala’s world’s first lidar system in the Audi A8. In 2019, LiangDao Intelligence again seized the opportunity to participate in the world’s first pure solid-state LiDAR mass production project.

As a supplier of high-performance LiDAR products complying with vehicle standards, Innoviz has released InnovizTwo, its next-generation LiDAR B-prototype, which offers a 30x performance improvement and a 70% cost reduction compared to the first iteration of the product.

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The two sides will gradually deepen their cooperation and further explore the establishment of a complete LiDAR hardware production line and supply chain system in China. Finally, the companies will work together to accelerate the commercialization of high-level automated driving.