Lightspeed China Partners Completes Fundraising of $7B

Chinese venture capital firm Lightspeed China Partners announced on July 12 that it has raised more than $7 billion in new funding, while $2.36 billion of the committed capital will continue to support outstanding startups from all over the world, carried out through investment teams in China, the United States, India, Israel, Europe and Southeast Asia.

In addition, $1.98 billion of the new funds will be used to support early-stage investment in the US, and $2.26 billion will be used for growth-stage investment in the US. At the same time, Lightspeed India Partners also announced its closing of a $500 million early-stage fund, and the Lightspeed Faction, an independent team dedicated to building on Lightspeed’s nine-year history of backing exceptional founders in blockchain infrastructure.

The new funding is approximately 60% more than Lightspeed’s last flagship fundraising round. Lightspeed and its global team currently manage $18 billion across the Lightspeed platform.

Lightspeed China Partners also completed a new fundraising round totaling $920 million at the end of last year, and it is currently increasing the proportion of investment in green technology and key and core technology, hoping to promote global sustainable development.

Since the fundraising was completed at the end of last year, Lightspeed China Partners has invested in nearly 20 companies in green technology, key and core technology, enterprise services, medical technology and consumer technology, including ePropulsion, the world’s second-largest maker of electric boat propulsion systems, Agilines, a cloud native manufacturing design and collaboration platform, and Yunmai Xinlian, a computing internet chips maker.

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As a world-renowned venture capital institution, Lightspeed Venture Partners has 12 offices distributed across six countries and regions. Since its establishment, Lightspeed Venture Partners has cooperated with more than 500 founders and their companies in the fields of enterprise services, consumption, medical health and financial technology, and about a quarter of them have been acquired or listed publicly.