Live-Streaming Platform Inke to Launch NFT Products Abroad

On Thursday, TMTPOST learned from several sources that Inke Limited, a live-streaming platform in China, will soon launch NFT products abroad. The new products will be released on Open Sea, the world’s largest NFT trading platform.

Inke will also launch digital collections domestically in its live-streaming APP. The app will also present the exhibition of digital collections meant for both collection and display. In addition, Inke is preparing to launch a public welfare digital collection on satellites jointly with Beijing Space Wish Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd, a company partially invested in by Inke. Inke will decide the content of this collection.

In addition, many sources have mentioned that Inke is now developing virtual products and will soon launch an independent APP and virtual gameplay functions in its social products. The company is also reportedly working on the virtual human business as it has contacted many companies already working in the sphere.

On March 27th, Inke released its 2021 financial report. The report suggests five or six Inke products have been successful in Europe, the US, the Middle East and other regions. As a result, the company earned 9.18 billion yuan ($1.44 billion) in 2021, up by 85.4% compared with 4.95 billion yuan in 2020.

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Inke products now comprise three fields: live-streaming, blind dates and social interaction. Specifically, in 2021, social products earned 5.74 billion yuan, accounting for 62.6% of the company’s total revenue, while live-streaming products and blind date products earned 2.56 billion yuan and 610 million yuan respectively, accounting for 27.9% and 6.7% of the total.