LiveArt Announced Meta-morphic Reserve Campaign, Holders Are Able to Get Second Chapter NFT Airdrop by Reserving

LiveArt has launched the Meta-morphic NFT reserve campaign. All Meta-morphic holders can participate in the reserve campaign, and the participants will receive a free NFT airdrop in the second chapter of Huang Yuxing’s NFT.

According to LiveArt, the first phase of the reserve event will last for 14 days, from 24:00 on October 12, 2022 to 24:00 on October 26, 2022 UTC. Meta-morphic holders have the opportunity to reserve on any day during the period. The reserve period of each NFT is 14 days and can not be retrieved during this period.

Meta-morphic is an exclusive NFT drop jointly released by NFT art platform LiveArt and top contemporary artist Huang Yuxing. The presale of the first chapter was launched on September 23, and 800 NFT mystery boxes have been sold out in 1 minute, at a price of 1.2ETH each. So far, the market trading volume has exceeded 611ETH.

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