Low-Carbon Services Provider MS Energy Secures Fresh Funds

MS Energy, a low-carbon green energy services provider, announced Monday that it has secured several hundred million yuan in a round B and round B+ of financing. Investors in round B included Creo Capital, Source Code Capital and Legend Capital, while round B+ featured investment by GGV Capital.

MS Energy was established in 2018, focusing on the field of electro-chemical energy storage safety. The core team brings more than 15 years of experience in the energy industry, from leading enterprises and top academic institutions. Most of them have years of experience studying in the United States, and have several core patents of energy storage technology.

In 2018, MS Energy’s team identified the trend of switching from traditional to new energy, and founded the company to focus on this emerging field. For new energy sources such as wind power and photoelectricity, major problems are strong volatility and the high cost of transmission, because such power stations require prime geographical locations with rich resources.

Energy storage is an important component in this growing market. In the electrochemical energy storage field, the state of the battery can only be measured by three parameters: current, voltage and temperature. However, it is unknown what changes happen inside the battery after the energy storage power station with a life cycle from several years to nearly ten years is put into operation.

According to the physical design model, operation data, external environmental conditions and other factors, MS Energy can restore the internal changes of the battery.

Through several years of application, battery data accumulated by the company is able to warn the upcoming battery problems one month in advance, and detection error remains below 2.5%. Compared with the initial technical route, the accuracy now is improved by more than three times.

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MS Energy has also developed a digital twin platform for new power systems for green energy storage, distributed photovoltaic and smart charging fields. The platform’s safety diagnosis module can diagnose battery clusters, battery boxes and battery cells in all dimensions.