Machine Vision Sensor Firm Sincevision Completes Round B+ Financing

Machine vision sensor firm Shenzhen Sincevision Technology Co., Ltd. recently announced it has secured several hundred million yuan in round B+ financing. The co-leading investors are Matrix Partners and GL Ventures, in addition to Industry Capital. The funds are mainly for R&D, team growth and the advancement of product lines.

Sincevision, which was established in 2014, focuses on the research and development of 3D precision measurement sensors for industry use based on core technologies such as machine vision, 3D algorithms, optical imaging, hardware acceleration and precision measurement. At present, three product lines have been built and put into mass production, namely: line lasers, point lasers and point spectrum.

The company’s products are widely applied in the detection and measurement of 3C, lithium batteries and other industrial productions. Sincevision is distinguished for customized development, high-speed detection and high cost performance.

Sincevision has accumulated core technologies in fields such as laser optics, imaging optics and ultra-high-speed signal processing. In addition, it has designed and developed its own testing and calibration equipment for supply chains and quality control. In this way, it ensures the consistency and reliability of parts and complete machines.

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As introduced by the company, Sincevision’s customers are mainstream firms in 3C, automotive lithium batteries and photovoltaic fields, including OPPO, Vivo, Huawei, Foxconn, CATL and BYD. In addition, Sincevision opened up sub-sectors such as rail transit, shoe soles and lumber. Its revenue increased by more than 100% year-on-year.