Manner Coffee Launches Delivery Services in China

Coffee chain Manner Coffee announced last Sunday that it will launch delivery services in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities by cooperating with food delivery giant Meituan. As early as the beginning of this year, some consumers pointed out that Manner Coffee had already started deliveries in some regions.

In Beijing, Manner Coffee currently has 14 stores listed on Meituan that support food delivery. The company had earlier announced that it would need to suspend in-store dining and the use of self-brought cups in Shanghai and Shenzhen stores, and use disposable take-away cups instead.

In view of Manner’s food delivery service, customer reviews have been mixed. Some reviewers have said that Manner’s actions during the epidemic have improved the overall happiness of working at home. Others expressed their disappointment, saying “Manner used to claim that food delivery would affect the taste of coffee, but now it has lost its original intention.”

Some analysts pointed out that passenger flow of offline coffee shops had already been decreasing because of the epidemic, which then prompted Manner to step up its food delivery business.

Established in 2015, the brand has received five rounds of financing. In 2021 alone, it received three rounds of financing. Investors include ByteDance, Long-Z, and Temasek, with a total financing amount exceeding one billion US dollars.

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Other coffee brands are also making great efforts on delivery services. News outlet 36Kr reported that Seesaw Coffee’s food delivery orders accounted for around 15%, and will rise to 30% in the future. According to Lu Yongchen, CEO of Tim Hortons China, 30% of its sales in China come from online channels. In early 2022, after ending its exclusive cooperation with Alibaba, Starbucks announced that it had reached a deal with Meituan.