Many Tencent-Owned Games Add Tencent Tianyou as Main Operator

Many Tencent-owned games have announced recently that Shenzhen Tencent Tianyou Technology Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tencent, will join as another main operator of these games, including “Naruto Mobile Games” and “QQ Speed,” also known as GKART. This move has caused players to worry whether these games can continue to operate.

Tencent Games issued an announcement on Friday saying that Tencent Tianyou is one of the important players regarding Tencent Group’s game operations. This, the firm claimed, is due to the adjustment of the company’s overall business strategy and does not affect the actual operation of games at all.

Tencent Games said: “In the future, more Tencent-owned games will be jointly operated by Tencent Computer and Tencent Tianyou. All of these games will continue to be in charge of the original team, while the actual R&D and operation work will remain unchanged. We will continue to do our best serving customers.”

On April 30, an open letter was issued by “QQ Speed,” a massively multiplayer online kart racing game, apologizing for emptying part of users’ historical achievements. It also offered an “explanation on relevant discussions of its main operators.”

The game said that there have been a few rumors such as “runaway operators and shutdown” in the past two days, causing a lot of trouble for the majority of its players. The addition of another operating entity this time is just an adjustment required by the company based on its business strategy, so it will reportedly not affect the games’ operating services.

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In addition, some netizens expressed dissatisfaction with this adjustment, arguing that the company – as a new joint operator – will change the original game’s playing mode and affect players’ experience.