Meituan Bicycle’s Big Data Shows Recovery from COVID-19 Stagnancy

According to Meituan Bicycle’s big data, the number of cycling trips nationwide increased by about 86% on weekdays last week compared with two weeks ago, and by about 94% compared with the daily average for the Spring Festival, with a significant increase in the number of commuters.

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The number of rides in Beijing alone increased by 187% on average. Cities such as Hangzhou, Changsha, Nanjing and Beijing ranked at the top of Meituan‘s cycle recovery index, indicating that these areas have been recovering from the epidemic as people’s lives have gradually returned to normal.

In addition, users’ cycling habits have also changed. During the working week last week, the average distance of a single ride was about 1.5km, and the average time of a single ride was 13.5 minutes, up 24.7% and 30.7% respectively compared with the same period in January. The proportion of rides exceeding 3km nearly doubled. In terms of different cities, the average cycling distance in Beijing is 2.38 km, an increase of 69%. The average cycling distance in Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an and other cities is the longest. Users in Beijing, Hangzhou and Nanjing rode the fastest, with Beijingers hitting the mark of 11.8 km/h. Those in Nanchang, Tianjin and Guangzhou were more relaxed, riding at less than half the speed.