Meituan Deliveryman Stabs Customer in Wuhan

On December 22, 2019, a Meituan food deliveryman attacked a supermarket employee with a knife in a shopping mall in Wuhan. The root of their dispute is suspected to be a dispute between the perpetrator and the victim.

According to an announcement issued by Wuhan Hongshan Public Security Bureau, the victim was an employee of the Baigang City mall, while the suspect is a 32-year-old deliveryman surnamed Chen. There was a quarrel between the two, and Chen stabbed Zhou with a knife. An examination of the injured man by first-aid personnel revealed that the man had no signs of life.

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The rider had no prior criminal record and is presumed to have committed the crime in the heat of passion. The reason behind the dispute has not been confirmed yet, however, some Chinese netizens speculated that it could have been sparked by a bad review on the app.

A delivery person told to a local news outlet that in his area riders pay 80-100 yuan fines if they get bad reviews. “If you accidentally get a customer complaint, you need to pay more,” he added.

Meituan released an official statement in which they claim that the dispute between the two men started due to some problems that arose when the deliveryman arrived in the supermarket to pick up goods, thus refuting the theory about the bad review. The delivery giant is actively cooperating with local law enforcement to settle the issue.