Meituan Launches Ride-Hailing Mini Program

Beijing-based internet services platform Meituan recently launched a ride-hailing mini program, Tech Planet reported. At the end of June, the name of the mini program was changed from “Meituan Taxi Marketing Account” to “Meituan Taxi”.

Same as the Meituan Taxi app, the new mini program provides intelligent checking services and 23 different models of cars.

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The development marks the quiet return of Meituan Taxi, which was previously withdrawn from various app stores in May 2019. Meituan released version 2.0 of its online ride-hailing platform to Apple’s app store on July 10. It is worth noting that since July 8, many Beijing users have received messages from Meituan Taxi, inviting them to use the app, signifying the debut of Meituan‘s taxi services in the capital city.

On July 13, Meituan announced that it has allotted and issued 11.353 million subscription shares to Tencent, meaning that Tencent subscription shares issued by Meituan rose to 0.2% of its issued share capital.

Chinese online ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing has been subject to security scrutiny by officials following a spat of user privacy concerns. Competing companies across the market, such as Autonavi and T3 Travel, have jumped at the opportunity by recruiting drivers and R&D personnel online.