Mi AI Voice Assistant Integrates with ByteDance’s DouBao Large Model

From the official account of Volcano Engine, it was learned that Xiaomi‘s AI assistant “Mi AI” has reached a cooperation with Volcano Engine. Based on the DouBao large model, both parties will bring users a more intelligent AI interactive experience.

According to the introduction, “Mi AI voice assistant” as Xiaomi‘s intelligent assistant has been successfully integrated into many Xiaomi products such as smartphones, smart home devices, smart wearables, and Xiaomi SU7, enhancing the convenience of daily interactions for users. The new “Mi AI voice assistant” not only more accurately grasps user needs but also provides faster response speed and more comprehensive content services. For example, when users inquire about complex scientific concepts, “Mi AI voice assistant” can accurately capture the demand and provide precise and professional answers in real-time while strictly adhering to ethical and legal guidelines to ensure healthy and safe content without involving harmful information.

Mi AI voice assistant leverages the networking search plugin capability provided by ByteDance’s DouBao large model to capture real-time search results related to Toutiao content and present comprehensive and timely responses to users.

Currently, Volcano Engine has formed an alliance with OPPO, vivo, Honor, Xiaomi, Samsung, Asus to establish the Intelligent Terminal Large Model Alliance. Applications such as OPPO Xiao Bu Assistant, Honor MagicBook’s YOYO Assistant, Xiaomi‘s “Mi AI voice assistant,” and Asus laptop’s DouDing AI Assistant have all connected to Volcano Engine’s large model services.

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