Mindverse Secures Tens of Millions of Yuan in Angel Investment

Hangzhou-based AI technology company Mindverse announced on Wednesday that it has completed angel investment worth tens of millions of yuan. The leading investor was Sequoia China Seed Fund, co-investors were Linear Capital and K2VC, while Yuanhe Capital served as the exclusive financial consultant. The new funds will be mainly used for product R&D, team expansion and market development.

Founded in January of this year, Mindverse proceeds from the fusion technology of brain science and artificial intelligence, builds innovative digital mind awareness with autonomous consciousness and thinking ability, and develops the next-generation AI paradigm.

Specifically, traditional virtual humans rely on large-scale pre-trained models based on AI frameworks. Unlike them, Mindverse’s framework creates association mechanisms in communication. While memory information and environmental information are transformed into its dialogue material, driving the autonomous thinking planning of virtual humans. Pre-training programs, on the other hand, provide a knowledge base that can further reduce the requirements for data and computation.

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Mindverse focuses on human-level AI virtual humans, including identity virtual humans and service virtual humans, with many application scenarios. According to the “Deep Industry Report of Virtual Digital Human” by LeadLeo, it is estimated that the overall market size of virtual humans in China will reach 270 billion yuan ($40.38 billion) by 2030.

By constructing the business model of “Mind as a Service (MaaS),” Mindverse provides more vital intelligent services for the vast range of virtual and real-life scenarios. Its upcoming MindoS platform can provide customized virtual knowledge for enterprises, empower virtual people, and realize the business closed loop of the maximum value of virtual people and the value-added products of corporate brands.

Since angel investment, Mindverse has reached cooperation with many leading virtual human IP entities. It also intends to cooperate with domestic leading virtual human companies, leading advertising companies in China, and an overseas metaverse project, as well as with many downstream enterprises with billion-level user markets.