MobiDrop Secures About 100M Yuan in Round-A+ Financing

MobiDrop, a biotechnology startup based in China’s Zhejiang Province, announced on July 25 its completion of round-A+ financing worth nearly 100 million yuan ($14.8 million). The funding was led by LYFE Capital, followed by existing shareholder Source Code Capital and local government guidance entity Yunxiang Fund.

MobiDrop previously received 150 million yuan in Round-A financing from Huagai Medical Yangtze River Delta Early Fund, Source Code Capital and Proxima Ventures in August 2021.

The funds raised this round are mainly intended to further expand the firm’s single-cell product R&D pipeline, vigorously advance the R&D and promotion of MobiMicrobe™ globally, which is a unique high-throughput microbial single-cell genomics platform, and promote the R&D, production, commercialization and market development of products. The company strives to accelerate the creation of a diversified and efficient single-cell ecosystem.

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Since its establishment in 2018, MobiDrop has been committed to the innovation and development of microfluidic and single cell sequencing technologies. It has built two product lines of single cell sequencing and digital PCR, and has developed key technologies such as microfluidic, sequencing, biochemistry, hardware development and biotechnology. MobiDrop is advancing multiple pipelines including single cell transcriptome products, and has more than 15 projects in progress.

MobiNova-100 high-throughput single cell transcriptome solution is a key project of the company. It includes the MobiNova-100 single cell sequencing library construction system, MobiCube single cell transcriptome library reagents and chips, and MobiVision bioanalysis software. These can be applied in many fields such as life science research, liquid biopsy, concomitant diagnosis and so on.