Moonshot AI Denies Entering the US Market: There Are Currently No Plans to Develop Overseas Products

On June 22nd, The Information reported that Moonshot AI is preparing to enter the US market.

An employee and another insider revealed, “Company employees have been developing products for the US market, including an AI role-playing chat application called Ohai that can be downloaded from Apple and Google mobile app stores, as well as a music video generator called Noisee.”

In response to this, Moonshot AI stated today, “We currently do not have any plans to develop and release any overseas products.”

The official website of Moonshot AI indicates that the company was founded in March 2023, dedicated to seeking the optimal solution for converting energy into intelligence. By co-creating intelligence with users through products, it launched Kimi, the world’s first intelligent assistant product supporting input of 200,000 Chinese characters in October 2023. The core members of the founding team have participated in the research and development of various large models such as Google Gemini, Google Bard, Pangu NLP, and Wudao. Several core technologies have been adopted by mainstream products like Google PaLM, Meta LLaMa, and Stable Diffusion.

On May 24, Alibaba Group Holding Limited‘s financial report showed that the company invested approximately $800 million in total in Moonshot AI project during the fiscal year 2024, acquiring about 36% equity as a preferred stock investment in Moonshot AI.

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