Municipal Education Commission Introduces “Double Reduction” Work in Beijing

Li Yi, deputy secretary and spokesperson of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, presented the current progress of the “double reduction” work in Beijing on Wednesday.

At the meeting, Li Yi said the list of off-campus training institutions for offline disciplines has been released. In accordance with the necessary requirements. many of the off-campus, subject-based institutions will need to strengthen their licenses, epidemic preventions and controls, codes of conduct, as well asgeneral school administration standards.

Beijing has provided 366 teaching posts for people quitted from off-campus training institutions. After the central government and Beijing’s “double reduction” policies were issued, the market supervision department quickly investigated and dealt with illegal activities in running schools without a license. Those institutions without proper licensing were shut down.

Li said that, since the beginning of this year, Beijing’s market supervision departments have investigated several cases, many of which have been crack downs on illegal activities occurring on off-campus training institutions. Four institutions, namely Xueersi, New Oriental, Gaosi, and GSX were imposed fines ranging from 500,000 yuan ($77,219) to 700,000 yuan ($108,106).

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In the upcoming semester, Beijing will promote a rotation of senior teachers throughout more districts. Li mentioned that there are two pilot areas in Dongcheng District and Miyun District. By the end of 2021, six more pilot areas will pilot the rotation system.