Nayuki’s Tea Apologizes for Recent Food Safety Issues

Nayuki’s tea issued an apology on the morning of August 24 in response to recent concerns about their establishment’s food safety. One such issue was raised by regulatory authorities when, during a store inspection, a label was seen to have fallen into mango puree during production.

In response, the firm has issued notice to all staff to operate in strict accordance with production procedures and prohibit any behavior in violation of rules.

On August 23, the State Administration for Market Regulation reported inspection results for six food stores. Two Nayuki’s Tea establishments were fined and criticized for violations during production.

The State Administration for Market Regulation announced a fine of 100,000 yuan on the two stores, the maximum amount allowed, and then another 50,000 yuan ($7,717) and 280,000 yuan on the managers of the two stores respectively as it found issues such as rotten fruit in one Beijing store.

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“Nayuki Holdings has always taken food safety as a concern, and has always insisted on high-quality raw materials to make teas and European breads. The punishment letter issued by regulatory authorities confirms that there are no issues, such as using rotten mangoes, nor the changing of production time for our European bread Magic Wand Series.” said the company.

The State Administration for Market Regulation launched this round of inspections due to a series of violations found in other establishments. Since April, many food safety problems have been found in Shoo Loong Kan Hot Pot Restaurant, MXBC, Wallace Burger & Kitchen, Yang Guo Fu Spicy Hot Pot, Nayuki’s Tea and RT Mart Supermarket. News such as Beijing Wallace store selling fried chicken that had fallen on the ground and a Jinan RT Mart selling day-old meat after washing it have caused public concern about food safety.