NETA Auto Adds Two New Models to V Series

Several Chinese automotive media outlets reported on August 17 that NETA Auto has added two new vehicle models to its V series, namely the Chao 300 Industry Customized Edition and the Chao 400 Industry Customized Edition, with prices of 89,800 yuan ($13,225) and 99,800 yuan ($14,697) respectively.

The Chao 300 version is 3,900 yuan more expensive than the 2022 standard industry customized version (which is priced at 85,900 yuan). It features upgrades regarding the configuration, replaces the cash plastic steering wheel with leather, replaces the fabric seat with imitation leather seat, enlarges the 13-inch central control screen to 14.6 inches, and adds a new option of near and far LED lights.

The new Chao 400 version is 2,900 yuan more expensive than 2022 Chao 400 Pro (which is priced at 96,900 yuan). It is up to users to decide whether they want configurations such as braking assistance, parallel line assistance, lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, active braking, fatigue driving warning, front parking radar, full-speed adaptive cruise control, automated valet parking, a driving recorder and front wireless charging. The new version also upgrades lights to near and far LED lights – more in conformity with the positioning of customized models in the industry.

NETA V (Source: NETA Auto)

The new model follows the current appearance design. It adopts a closed front grille design, with polygonal headlight groups on both sides and through air intakes below, giving off a sporty and dynamic vibe. Its Y-shaped taillight group is at the rear of the car, and the brand logo is at the center of the rear part, making the model highly recognizable.

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In terms of power, the new cars will be equipped with drive motors with maximum power of 40kW (54 hp) and 70kW (95 hp), maximum torque of 110Nm and 150Nm respectively, and cruising range of 301 km and 401 km respectively, under NEDC conditions.

NETA’s V models are positioned as pure electric small SUVs. The two newly added models are regarded as medium and high-grade models within the series, and their configuration is mainly adjustable. In July, thanks to the hot sales of NETA U and V models, the firm’s delivery volume has reached a new high of 14,037 vehicles.