NETA Invests $40 million in Hong Kong Science Park for HQ and R&D

On September 1st, according to official news from NETA, NETA signed a memorandum of cooperation with Hong Kong Science Park (HKSP) at the Gao Kun Conference Center in Hong Kong.

Based on the specific content of the memorandum of cooperation, the specific cooperation reached by both parties is as follows:

NETA will establish its international headquarters in Hong Kong Science Park.

Plans are to gradually invest approximately $40 million over the next five years to build an intelligent research and development center and a big data center with a total area exceeding 40,000 square feet.

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Expected to hire nearly 600 research and development talents, attract more new scientific and technological innovation talents to settle in the Science Park, and assist in linking industries between Hong Kong and mainland China.

NETA will seek a $200 million equity investment plan in the Hong Kong region.

NETA stated that this move will help NETA enter a new stage as a global technology-oriented company. Currently, NETA has a series of “forward-looking technologies” including the Shanhai platform, Tiangong batteries, and Haozhi Technology brand 2.0.

Note: Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) possesses the largest and most comprehensive technological innovation resources and research ecosystem in Hong Kong. It has over 13,000 researchers, nearly 1,400 technology startups, and a network of more than 300 partners. In the past, it has supported over ten unicorn companies.